So it looks like those Eurogamer leaks were pretty damn close to the truth, as most of what they reported is coming true. Sorry, Brah.

Code named “Nobunaga”, 5.00 brings with it the following:

– major updates to family settings. One account can manages multiple kid accounts.

– friend list management will allow you to group your friends the way you want.

– you can now link your broadcast to your communities. Alert your friends so they can watch you suck at Sonic Mania.

You can new view spectator comments when using the PlayStation VR headset! Now this is something we can take advantage of!

– PS4 Pro owners can now stream Twitch at 1080p/ 60fps.

– you can now share individual music tracks via messages.

– you can now disable to pop-up notifications while watching movies or TV shows.

– you can turn pop-up notifications to black or white.

– you can access notifications from the quick menu.

– ‘leave party’ option from quick menu.

– virtual surround sound for PSVR. 5.1 and 7.1, yo.

– improved tournament brackets.

– more language support.

As you can see, my inthusiam for this update is rather low. Sorry. brah. You can read more details here.

If you get in, let us know!