In a publishing deal that makes things slightly more confusing than before, publisher Deep Silver has announced that they will be helping developer Ys Net put Shenmue III into gamer’s hands come 2018! They even provided some fancy artwork to celebrate the announcement!!

If you remember correctly, Deep Silver also helped publish another controversial Kickstarter game. Mighty No. 9. Huh.

My question is this, what is PlayStation’s involvement with the game boil down to? Did they just drop a load of yen to keep the game as a PS4 console exclusive? Lookin’ like it!! Guess we will truly never know. Does it matter to us gamers?

Nah. If you don’t own a PS4 by the time Shenmue III searches for sailors in 2018, that’s on you, Brah.

Look for more Shenmue III news this weekend during Gamescom!!