Super Megamart is now accepting applications for a Shooty Fruity cashier. Known for their low prices, very helpful staff members and some of the most interesting fruit you will ever see.

Skills Wanted:
  • Job to commence late 2017; exact date is to be announced soon.
  • Start your career at the cash register.
  • Display a strong desire to impress and quickly rise-up the ranks.
  • Must quickly and efficiently scan grocery items, making sure not to miss any.
  • Munitions and military experience or a willingness to blast any moving object that might seem a little out of place is preferred.
  • Ability to multi-task and stay calm under pressure.
  • Not afraid to get a little dirty or get a little pulp on your face.
  • Be willing to work through many different scenarios and challenges while fending off…um…we can discuss this during interview.
  • Previous job simulation or virtual reality shooting experience is desirable.
  • Executive duties, provide service with a smile…and a shotgun.

 *** Please note Shooty Fruity Cashiers must face hordes of mutant killer fruit. New hires must be willing to perform all job duties to perfection while executing mutant fruit with extreme prejudice. 100% genetically mutant fruit can cause harm and/or loss of life.

Military grade & fully customisable arsenal of fruit-killing guns and berry-bursting explosives including revolvers, shotguns and bomb launchers, as well as ridiculous pulverising power-ups are tools new hires will be expected to use at their will.

 Please enjoy the Shooty Fruity introduction video for all new hires…