That’s right Eve: Valkyrie the PlayStation VR space battle game is getting a free Warzone expansion that will enable both PlayStation 4 and PC players to battle in and out of VR. Yes you read that right. No longer will Eve: Valkyrie be a VR required game. Here is what the Warzone expansion will include:

Each ship within a class will have a more distinctive role to play in battle and all ships will be available from the first time a pilot enters the Clone Vat. This new, open hangar will allow pilots to experiment and find the ships that best fit their plays-style within a few matches.


  • There will be new weapons and abilities to inflict upon each other, including powerful ship-specific Ultra abilities that, when timed correctly, can turn the course of battle. Ultras facilitate a deeper combat experience, being fueled by the performance of you and your team.
  • Pilots will be able to explore a new modular progression system that introduces multiple new modifications for each ship. With unique abilities and meaningful upgrade paths for each ship, you’ll have more control over how you evolve and customize your fleet.
  • Warzone introduces the brand-new ‘Extraction’ game mode – think capture the flag in outer space – that mixes combat and navigational challenge in new and exciting ways, encouraging pilots to use the environment to their advantage. Most importantly though, it makes team-play – and team-tactics – a key component of success.
  • In addition, the Warzone expansion will also feature two new maps; ‘Fleet’, a Sisters of EVE space station, and ‘Outpost’, a mysterious Drifter base, that will bring even more aspects of the rich EVE universe to the world of the EVE: Valkyrie. There will also be new weekly Wormholes to fight for, where established reality is twisted for a fresh gameplay experience.

New Rewards System

  • In Warzone, we’ve simplified EVE: Valkyrie’s previously complex in-game economy with the removal of Gold and the reduction of surplus Silver. You’ll earn XP per ship and use only XP to craft a Modification for that ship, which is far easier to follow. Salvage picked up during a battle by you or your team now has a more immediate effect by fueling your ship’s Ultra gauge.
  • You can also fight over Spoils of War to earn Reward Capsules, enabling you to unlock a hangar-full of personalization options for your ships and pilot. Each item rewarded is categorised as Common, Rare or Epic to convey its sense of worth and desirability, plus a random element ensures that the content of each capsule remains a surprise.

So on September 26th, not only does Eve: Valkyrie remove the PlayStation VR requirement, but the Warzone expansion, new price of $29.99, and now will be known as Eve: Valkyrie -Warzone.

I can say this if you have not picked up Eve: Valkyrie for PlayStation VR and have been waiting for a price drop, there is no excuse now. It’s really that good and even though VR will no longer be a requirement, I still will be playing it in VR.

Until then…please enjoy!