After skipping 2016, Sony Interactive Entertainment's Media Showcase returns to Paris Games Week 2017!

Dated for October 30, what can we expect to see? Considering Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds releases on November 7. Maybe a nice sizzle trailer for that.

Perhaps another look at WiLD. Been awhile since we've seen that one.

Media Molecule's Dreams is a given, unless the game is in bad shape.

Detroit: Become Human? Gonna give this one a fo' sho'!! Hell, their studio is located in Paris. Look for it to be there. Maybe.

Could we see a reminder that Gran Turismo Sport is out? Europe IS the biggest market for the series after all.

Expect some surprises. Maybe some 'console exclusive' indies. Don't expect Sucker Punch's new baby though. Look for it a PSX 2017.

I'm sure there will be plenty for us to cover, but I don't see this Media Showcase being as big as PSX 2017. That's just my opinion, Brah!

Monday, October 30! 4pm UK. 12am EST/ 9pm PST. Look for the Brahs to cover all the breaking news for those who might be in bed by the time the show goes live!!