Video game fans have always been enamored with projects that were ultimately canceled. Looking back at such projects as Resident Evil 1.5, StarCraft: Ghost, Silent Hills, and more recently, Scalebound. That sense of “What if?” always takes hold, and the reason exactly why the game was canceled always leads back to scandalous rumors that add fuel to gamer’s theories.

Every company has them, including Sony. The guys at Unseen64 dug around to find enough information about Sony San Diego’s canceled F2P title, ‘Gnomageddon‘, presenting the game’s rise and fall in their latest video. It’s certainly worth giving a view!

Thanks, Kill Strain, for killing any chance of Gnomageddon having a future! I personally never played Kill Strain, as it never really caught my attention. Sony’s luck with F2P titles (Kill Strain AND The Tomorrow Children) on the PS4 hasn’t exactly worked too well, so you can’t blame them when they didn’t move forward with Gnomageddon.

Would you like Sony to return to the world of F2P games in the future?