Become the frog and catch as many flies as possible. While in your pond and chilling, your objective, if you have the VRog legs for it, is to fill your belly as fast as you can either against time in arcade mode or against the sinister stork in survival mode. Fast actions will be rewarded and use your VR-powers to help you get the highest of scores.

Some of the features will be:

  • Controlled by the PSVR headset only…no other controllers needed
  • Arcade mode – Catch as many bugs as you can in 90 seconds – just like in the good old arcade times!
  • Survival mode – Play as long as your skills allow you to escape the evil stork  - but don't forget to grab some food
  • Various different insects, some with some cause awesome VR effects – Bullet Time, VRog-Vision, Psychedelic view
  •  Combo System rewarding fast actions
  • Online ranking – compare your score with others via the VRog-homepage
  • 3D-Audio – helps you locate bugs and threats
  • True Immersion – true implementation of the zero tolerance concept. Don't play the Frog, BE the VRog!

Be on the lookout when VRog comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then, please enjoy…