Brah! You might’ve read me go all fanboy over Battle Chasers: Nightwar a couple months back. Unfamiliar with the game? What if I told you the team that created Darksiders had moved on to create their very own RPG based on Joe Madureria’s epic fantasy comic book series Battle Chasers?

If I have your attention (and I should!!) you need to watch the opening animation intro for the game!! Created by the talents peeps over at Powerhouse Animation, this opening is Brahtastic!!

Woah. I’M READY FOR BATTLE!! Also, did you catch the new character? Alumon the “Devil Hunter”? He looks to be a badass new addition to the band of heroes.

Journey into mystery, adventures, and war when Battle Chasers: Nightwing release on October 3 from developed Air Syndicate.