Mayhem for Mania Leaks

The new 2D Sonic title, Sonic Mania, breaks street date 5 days before release with early copies of the game already being streamed on the internet. To prevent leaks, Sega has been issuing takedowns on any streams, videos, screenshots, and gameplay of the game that aren’t the ones they already announced. Meanwhile, the fandom has responded with mass warnings with the recent announcement. The biggest of which comes in the form of Sonic Paradox News, better known as a Donnie; pinball enthusiast, and local Chao breeder.

During the last 12 hours, fans have been tracking down and covering up the leaks by reporting on the Sonic Mania streams for SEGA to issue the take down strikes on them. The leaks where so many that even SEGA’s Twitter account has been following the leakers on Twitter to be notified on their streams to take them down.

Despite multiple take downs, the leakers have streamed almost half of the game due to sheer will power and a lot of patience. So far there has been more than 6 take downs issued on one leaker that should seriously consider his life choices at this point. Shortly after 2 hours of non-stop stream attempts and lunch breaks, Sonic Mania’s Opening was leaked early with the Sonic the Hedgehog’s Twitter account releasing the new opening despite telling everyone that the opening would be revealed on the 14th of August.


At the moment there seems to be no word on any plot heavy details running around the internet, but it should be wise to NOT find any spoilers for the game if you wish to be surprised when the game finally comes out on August 15th for PS4, PC, Switch, and XBOX One. As for Donnie, he’s appreciates all the kind words, even though he patched out all of Hydrocity Zone’s cracks on the wall after Sonic and Co. finished the stage.