If you either share the details of the next firmware update or live long enough to have a major website spoil them for you!!

Looks like Eurogamer has obtained details regarding the features for Firmware 5.0 and it might not be what you were expecting. Here's the summary of the deets!!

  • 1080p/ 60fps Twitch streaming for PS4 Pro owners.
  • The ability to follow ANY PSN account.
  • Changes to the master and sub accounts.
  • The ability to check notifications on the quick menu.
  • Spectator comments displayed if you're streaming with the PS VR! NICE!
  • Link broadcast to a specific PlayStation community page.
  • Support for 7 more languages: Hungarian, Thai, Romanian, Czech, Greek, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

This is cool and all… but a bit underwhelming, in my humble opinion. Still can't change your PSN Username?? Damn. Sony really must've messed up when they created the PSN.

What do you guys think? Does Sony still have more to reveal or is 5.0 going to be giant UGH?