Your weekly sale highlights!

US Store Sales

– Rockstar Games Sale (August 8th -15th)

– Square Enix Sale (August 8th – 15th)

– Other Game Sales

*Darksiders 2 has been reportedly hard crashing on the PS4, purchase at your own discretion

**Luftrausers has 2 unobtainable trophies due to glitching, this has not been patched out.

EU Store Sales

– Summer Sale (1st of August – 16th of August)

– Totally Digital (18th of July – 16th of August)

– Other Game Sales

Author’s Notes:

It’s that time of the year again, new sales have popped up as of late, and the games available here are simply marvelous. Interesting enough, this is not a whole list of sales, but a highlight of every sale, both NA and EU, that you not only might seem interested in getting but also are at their cheapest. Yes, you heard right, cheapest. Of course, a game can be even cheaper in the future, but what’s stopping us is not getting some of these games right now? This new series of articles, From the Bargain Bin!, will heavily focus on finding and listing games on sale that might be worth picking up. Interestingly enough these not all of these titles will be instantly recognizable, for example, Armello and Republique are games that are extremely interesting, one being a Real-time Strategy game, while the other is a more story driven game with stealth-based mechanics. Interesting to see a bit of variety with the usual suspects, makes you wonder why these don’t get much attention that they should get. In any case, I’m going to end by thanking TheYuriG from the 1Z1G server for the idea of these articles, you can find their server here. It’s going to belong to dissect, but it will be totally worth it.

P.S. I’ll add fancy pictures in a few more hours, need to sleep first.