Perhaps I should've made one huge Dragon Quest article to cover all the announcements coming out of the Dragon Quest Festival in Japan, but oh well! YODQO (You Only Dragon Quest Once)!!!

I'll start with this, Dragon Quest XI has now sold over 3 million copies since launch last Saturday. Holy. Freagin. Moly. And to think, the Switch hasn't even released yet. Plus you still have the Western release for the game in 2018! Could it become one of the best selling DQ games ever?! You never know!!!

If that wasn't enough for some fans, it has been revealed that starting in August, Dragon Quest 1 – 3 will arrive on the PS4 (in Japan)!!! Could this mean that more DQ titles could arrive on the PS4 in the future? After all, iOS and Android phones currently have access to Dragon Quest 1-6, and 8!! I'm no fortune teller, buuuuuut….

If you missed it, Dragon Quest Builders 2 was unveiled early this morning, so all you DQB fans need to celebrate!!

Dragon Quest Mania is hot and heavy right now! Are you fans of this JRPG mega-franchise excited??!