Yes that's right! Help save London in the co-op brawler Bloody Zombies coming to PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4. Fight across the the plague ridden that is now London with 1 – 4 players and even enhanced with PlayStation VR as you help your teammates overcome obstacles and discover what secrets the game is holding.

In Bloody Zombies you will be able to:


  • Combine moves to discover brutal, endlessly chainable combos. Unlock upgradable special moves & passive skills to expand your zombie-slaying abilities.
  • Unite with friends online & locally, with or without a VR headset. Work together to tear through the undead hordes, whilst competing for the highest score. VR’s enhanced viewpoint allows you to assist other players – lean in & look around to overcome obstacles & give tactical support.
  • Choose from four survivors, brought together to fight the zombie plague – Teller, Mick ‘The Brick’, Rei, & Eddie. Customise each character’s skillset & wield a destructive arsenal of melee weapons.
  • Take on a diverse plague of zombies, with loads of deadly mutations & abominable bosses to contend with. Learn to change tactics to match your foe & survive!
  • Work together across the diverse, overrun zombie wasteland. Fight your way through the remains of iconic London streets & landmarks to take back the city. Levels are overrun with secrets, & events to discover.

So whatcha going to do when Bloody Zombies runs wild on you?  Coming this September 12th on PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 for $14.99.