With the release of Destiny 2, Sony's "love" for Bungie's mega-popular franchise continues. PlayStation Europe is going all-out with their hyped for D2! Don't believe me? Check out this custom Dualshock 4 all decked out in Destiny logos and stuff.

I mentioned bundles, right? Yeah. You have 5 to choose from. First, we have the PS4 Pro bundles:

  • 1 TB Jet Black PS4 Pro Bundle / 1 TB Glacier White PS4 Pro Bundle.
  • Copy of Destiny 2.
  • Destiny 2 expansion pass.
  • Premium digital content.

Or you can go for the Slim bundles!!!

  • 1 TB Jet Black PS4, extra Dualshock 4, and a copy of Destiny 2.
  • 1 TB Jet Black PS4 and a copy of Destiny 2.
  • 500GB Jet Black PS4 and a copy of Destiny 2.

5 different bundles, Brah. All contain the exclusive timed PS4 content. Yeaaaaah. Sony is all about that Destiny 2 experience on the PS4, yo. Guess after you pay all that money for exclusive content and commercial rights, you probably want a return on your investment, eh?

Destiny 2 rocks the gaming world on September 5 in the US and on September 6 in Europe.