Back in 2015 at the PlayStation Experience, there was a game that has yet to come out but will be becoming to PlayStation VR. That PSVR game? Golem. In Golem you will enter a storybook full of mystery as you will be playing as Twine. Twine is full of adventure but has been injured in a serious accident. Even though you may never leave your bed while you are recovering, you never stop dreaming of the outside world. That is…until you realize you have the power to control stone creatures called Golems. Defeat the evil Golems while uncovering treasures of the hidden and special artifacts all while investigating the connection between the city and your family’s past of mystery.

So in case, you missed the trailer for Golem, please enjoy…

But it seems that to help us introduce us to the World of Golem, the composer Marin O’Donnell who is doing the soundtrack to Golem and Highwire Games has released the prequel called Echoes of the First Dreamer. This is not a game, but simply a beautiful segway leading up to Golem. So go have a listen as it is out now at your local store or on services such as Google Play Music.