This is the kind of news your favorite Brah likes to wake up to!!!! If you remember, A-1 Pictures made a short prologue episode to Persona 5 back in 2016, then if you really remember, they’re the same production team that made the Persona 4: Golden anime and the Persona 3 OVAs!!!

So when Atlus and A-1 announced an animation series for Persona 5 series during a P5 event at Katayanagi arena, we all know it’s going to be in great hands!!!!

The voice cast from the prologue will be back and we were lucky enough to receive a short teaser!!!

2018, Brah!! Will there been an English dub? No word yet, however the popularity of Persona 5 might persuade Atlus to officially bring it to the US!!! Fingers crossed!!

With rumors of a new Persona Dancing and Persona Q 2Persona is going platinum, BRAH!!