Look at that!! Another Final Fantasy XV Update is ready for you to download!! Coming in at 2.534GB, it won't take long to download.

The best part? THE MAGITEK EXOSUITS ARE FINALLY HERE!! After the initial reveal had them looking like straight-up Power Ranger rip-offs, it's nice to see them looking like suits of.. ya know, armor.

Here's the deets for what the update does exactly!!

  • New quest(s) have been added to Meldacio Hunter HQ (after Chapter 8).
  • A new ally cooperation system called “Rush Link” has been added.
  • The “Magitek Armor” invincibility suits have been added.
  • The limited time content “Moogle Chocobo Carnival” has been reopened.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.
  • Save data from this version cannot be used with save data from an old version.
  • If you overwrite save data from the old version with save data of this version, it can no longer be used in the old version.

Let us know what you think of those Magitek armor suits, Brah!