Brah, The Phantom Thieves have been putting in some OT as of late!!! Sega Producer/ Director Toshihoro Nagoshi let the news be known during the latest Sega Raw live stream that over 1.8 million copies of Persona 5 have shipped worldwide since it was released on September 2016 in Japan!! That's insanely Brahsome for a series that was once considered niche not long ago.

If you've been waiting to finally get the game, it is currently on sale via the PlayStation Store! We here at The PlayStation Brahs highly recommend what Japanese RPG fans have given the crown as the best RPG… Of All Time. I kid you not.

Seriously though, the game is 100% LEGIT. If you're a RPG or JRPG fan, you owe it to yourself to give this game a proper chance. It's so freagin' good!!! Be ready to surrender your gaming life to it though. The average total time of play is 90 hours. 90. Hours. Whoa indeed, Brah!

Persona 5 is available in both physical and digital editions on the PS3 and PS4. Make sure you don't miss it or I might have to request a change of heart for ya, Bruh.