That’s right Arizona Sunshine just received an update with patch 1.02 with the following improvements:

• Added a chaperone system
• Added gun sights for aim assist, this can be disabled in the settings
• The two-handed weapons campaign can now be played in co-op mode
• The horde mode can now be played with two-handed weapons
• Zombie kill trophies are now unlockable with combined kills from multiplayer
• Levels unlocked in the two-handed weapons mode are now also unlocked for the normal campaign
• A setting has been added for the rotation speed
• A setting has been added to disable the 180 flip on certain controls
A setting has been added for adjusting the grenade belt height
• Multiple gameplay tips have been added to the loading screen
• Fixed some locomotion collisions
• Added ‘run’ locomotion speed to Move controllers
• Minor gameplay fixes

The update should be live now. And there will be FREE DLC. Coming later this summer, so in
about a month, there will be two horde mode maps. One will be in the old mine and the other in the Undead Valley. It’s great to see the updates coming and free DLC is always a plus. As always, Game On!!