Ever since watching shows like Voltron, Power Rangers, and even Transformers, I always wanted to be in a mech. There are some things that should be in VR – adventure, story, and characters that you care about and MECHS! And with Archangel from Skydance Interactive, you have all of these and more and I couldn’t be happier.

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Archangel is a single-player on-rails shooter that is beautifully done on the PlayStation VR. When you first start you get to select from two characters, Gabriel or Gabby Walker, where you are testing a prototype mech, that if all goes well could change our hope for the future. But like all good stories, things don’t always go as planned. And this is where not only was I amazed that in VR, I was in a mech, but yet a strong connection with my character. If anyone who is a Father or Mother, you may relate to the story. If you are not yet a parent, you just might feel a little sadness, but yet feel the adrenaline if not at least see how your character experiences it. And this is being in VR and experiencing games like what Archangel brings can do.

As you progress through the story, you will learn more about your personality and your team. You will see that the choices that you made and how it can and did change you and how you got your name. As I mentioned you can pick between a male and female lead and that I really appreciate as it gives a chance for both male and female gamers to experience what should not be missed here. I don’t want to really give anything away, but while in your moving in your mech, from time to time as the story is progressing, look down and just have that little something special to be reminded why you are fighting.

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Archangel thankfully supports the Move Controllers and let me say they work wonderfully. Controlling each mech’s arm has this satisfying feeling. Each arm has a shield and you will need to use them. Bring your arms closer to one big shield, but keep in mind, the shields only last for so long before they need to recharge. So protect with caution. Each arm also has its own weapons. The right has the gunfire and the left would be your rockets and missiles. And yes you can even make a fist and punch and that just might bring a smile to your face. The fun part is realizing you have two tracking areas, one for each arm and sometimes when the action is getting heated up, you may have to look to see exactly where they are.

What I really love is how when the action starts getting intense, you start to realize that even though you are a small team, you and your character feel like you need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and in a way you are. Even when you die, you feel bad and your character feels that they let everyone down and I started to feel bad, which made me want to get right back in there and continue the fight. After each mission, you are able to upgrade and don’t forget to check on your team while doing this. It adds to that connection in an already disconnection of a world.

I will say this. Archangel looks amazing for VR. It really amazes me that how well the games that are coming out are pushing the graphics to add to the immersion. From the characters to the mech to the environments, I was really happy to be experiencing this and you will as well. The sound is another thing that in VR is a necessity that can add to or break the experience and I can safely say, it’s very well done here. I love how the voice acting gives that realistic feeling that is needed for the situation that is going on. Even the mech’s A.I. adds that Flight of the Navigator companionship.

Archangel sets a new level of VR. From the characters to the story and to the mech you pilot. Just like in other games with different genres, Archangel is at the top for games with mechs in VR. From the story to the action, Archangel should be in your line up of your PlayStation VR collection.

A review copy was provided. Archangel is available now. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Skydance Interactive, please visit their site. Follow them on Twitter @SkydanceInt and @archangelvrgame.

In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy.

Until next time, I need to get back in my mech and bring justice to all humanity.