With Tiny Trax releasing exclusively on PlayStation VR this week, I reached out to FuturLab to get some of their inspirations and to ask questions about the game. In case you do not know what Tiny Trax is, it’s Epic racing in a tiny world. Tracks that are built around you to to make excellent use of the PlayStation VR headset. You will zip along walls, race under water, and jump through the air all while racing on some of the most insane tracks around. There will even be online multiplayer in real time with up to four players.

James Marsden - Futurlab - Edited

James Marsden from Futurlab was happy to help out and answer some of the questions that I, as well as others had and here is what he had to say about Tiny Trax, VR and possible future projects with PlayStation VR:

What attracted your team to work on a VR game?

“It’s very rare to be able to explore the dawn of a brand new medium with the backing of a company like Sony. We’ve been supporting their hardware since PSP, so when they asked us for a VR game we jumped at the chance.”

Did it worry the team that some of the negative stigma that VR has received as of late (usually from the ones that have not personally tried it)?

“Not at all. It’s our job to show that the medium is exciting, and worthy of investment.”

What was the main influence of Tiny Trax?

“Scalextric, a slot racing toy we all grew up with =)

What are some of your favorite VR games?

Mythos Of The World Axis was an early VR game that we fell in love with, which showed that third person can be thrilling in VR, and helped steer our decision to focus on third person ideas. More recently, MOSS is amazing and should be played by everyone with any doubts about VR, along with Tiny Trax of course!”

Are there any future DLC plans and if so would it be for free or a fee?

“We have no current plans. It’ll be straightforward to provide DLC if enough people wanted it.”

If someone new to PlayStation VR was browsing the PSN Store, what would be the top three reasons why you would suggest Tiny Trax?

Tiny Trax proves that VR is worth your time and investment because,

1) it’s a game that anyone can enjoy as it causes no motion sickness.

2) It’s multiplayer.

3) It does something new with the racing genre.

4) It looks and sounds gorgeous.

Sorry that was four. Oh and…”

Do you see Tiny Trax having online tournaments?

“We’ll see…”

Does the team listen to the feedback from the fans for suggestions for the final product or possible new ideas that could be implemented with future patches?

“We always listen to our fans. We’ve been known to make big changes to our games as a result of suggestions on sites like NeoGAF. Surge Deluxe was a whole new approach to the Surge idea, and we directly implemented ideas from a NeoGAF user.”

So are there any future PlayStation VR games that Futurlab is working on or that can be shared at this time? 

“We have just started working on our next PS VR game. It’s even more exciting, but we can’t say anything more about it yet.”

I want to thank James Mardsen, Futurlab’s Studio Director for the interview and Futurlab themselves for all that they do and their support. Be on the look out this Tuesday when Tiny Trax races it’s way to PlayStation VR on July 25th. And if you are a PS+ member, there should be a 10% discount for the first week. Check out some of the images from Tiny Trax and in case you missed the trailer…please enjoy.

Paradise Falls

Glacial Grip

Lunar Drill