Don't know much about Pyre? Are you a fan of Bastion and Transistor? Then you're in luck! As Pyre is Supergiant Games latest experience on the PS4!

Described as a party-based RPG, the game has one unique feature.. there is no game over. You lose a battle.. it might be the end for your future would be allies. Yikes.

Also, for all us of PS4 Pro owners, the game will run at Native 4K/ 60FPS!! NICE! Not to worry, it'll run at 60FPS for no Pro-owners, too.

So do me a favor and take a look at the launch trailer. I absolutely LOVE the art style! Plus the gameplay looks rather intense and interesting.

Save 10% now by pre-ordering!

Look for Pyre on July 25! Looking like I'm going to have to get myself a b-day present of Supergiant proportions..