Braaaaah. Kratos has always been THE Badass of the PlayStation Nation, am I right or am I right? Fast forward to the newest God of War game. That beard. That battle axe. He's now THE ULTIMATE BADASS. End of Story.

Ok, he's not the Ultimate badass, but he's certainly in the top 5!!! And if you're a God of War fan, YOU'RE GOING TO NEED THESE COLLECTABLES FROM NECA!!

Look at this amazing 7" Kratos action figure!!!

Look at that scar detail. BRAHSOME!! Not enough for you?! HOW ABOUT A 36" REPLICA (FOAM) BATTLE AXE!?!

Braaaah. Neca is slaying it with these Playstation-themed collectibles.

If you need more information about the figure, click here!!

Need that battle axe in your life? Here's more info here!!

Looking like I'm going to have to cosplay as Flabby Kratos when the God of War arrives in early 2018, exclusively on the PS4.