This is how I felt when I played DARKNET for the PlayStation VR. I instantly had this smile as if I was watching Hackers for the first time and that is a very good thing. DARKNET is a strategy/puzzle game from the Publisher Archiact VR Games and from the Developer E McNeill. You play as an elite hacker where you are contracted to gather data from the world’s most secure networks.

This is the Internet and your object is to hack your way through by injecting codes and viruses to get the data you were contracted for with the Dual Shock 4. Each node is a puzzle and the bigger the node the bigger the puzzle. The purple is your viruses that you must strategically place on the blue defense node which you’re trying to make your virus spread to the yellow core without the other blue defense nodes stopping your hack.

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So each node you hack successfully, allows you to earn money where you can buy more viruses, Hydras allow you to take the nodes you conquered and infect the surrounding nodes that are not protected by a shield to become more easily hacked which can be a good strategy when you are timed, exploits allow you to break down shields surrounding the nodes and Worms to help you in the most difficult of times. Believe me, you will need them as you progress and that time is getting close to ending.

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One of the many things I appreciate about DARKNET is how comfortable I felt playing in VR. The graphics are really good and it takes you out of your normal day to day and puts you into this hacking world that is actually fun and a real joy to play. There are some games that allow you some control to a point, but I love the fact that I feel that I have complete control and an attempt to hack anything.  But the question is should DARKNET be in your hacking arsenal of your PlayStation VR library? Yes…yes it should!

It’s one of those games that like I mentioned, that can be played for 30 minutes or for hours and still feel great playing it. When a game is made no matter how simple or complex and after I feel like somehow that was made for me, that is something special that should be experienced.

DARKNET is out for PlayStation VR and you can get it now on the PSN Store for $14.99.

A review copy was provided. To learn more about DARKNETvisit the site and follow on Twitter @DarkNetgame. To learn more about Architect Games visit their site and follow them on Twitter @ArchiactVRgames and to learn more about E McNeill make sure you visit his site and follow on Twitter @E_McNeill to see what new magic they all may create.

In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy!

Until next time, I got more hacking with DARKNET to do.