Amazing how one trailer starring the classic Toy Story characters has everyone hyped for Kingdom Hearts IIIonce again!

Director Tetsuya Nomura has been on a roll, doing interviews left and right, continuing to hype and give fans details regarding KHIII. One of the more interesting happens to be about the number of Disney Worlds in the game. Instead of having as many worlds as they can, Nomura instead wanted to make sure you spend more time in each of them. Quality over quantity.

Rather than having multiple different little worlds, we wanted to make sure we’re providing rich gameplay in an individual world, so we put in a lot of effort and allocated a lot of resources to create these worlds, and it would be sad for players not to enjoy the world and breeze right through it. Therefore, we made sure that each of the worlds is designed so players can take their time and enjoy the gameplay that’s available.

For those wondering, KHII had a total of 12 Disney Worlds, while the first game had 9. I would fo' sho' take 10 super worlds! Or *gasp* what if they're working on DLC worlds?!? Guess I better keep my mouth shut, don't want to give them any ideas…

If you missed it this weekend, watch the Toy Story reveal trailer. If your hype for Kingdom Hearts III has faded, I promise this will get you pumped once again!