Anyone that has been gaming for a long time will sure to have some memories of the game MYST. A game where it was as frustrating as well as fun to play. I have always said if there is one game that deserves to have a PlayStation VR make over it would be MYST and it’s sequels. Well the makers of MYST, Cyan Inc., ¬†may be testing the waters of sorts with a true successor to MYST and it’s coming to PlayStation VR in the name of Obduction.

This new sci-fi adventure will have you walking beside a lake on a cloudy night, when a curious yet organic artifact falls form the starry sky and without any approval from you, abducts you from your normal reality and transports you across the universe into a strange alien land with parts of the Earth that you know, from different times and places. As you search for clues, you will find out the secrets. Remember any choices you make will have a butterfly like consequences.

Obduction is coming to PlayStation VR on May 8th, 2018.


Until then, please enjoy!