While the majority of Spider-Man fans were blown away by the gameplay footage of Spider-Man PS4, there was still some complaints. Too much QTE! Web slinging was too slow! Why is there so many QTEs!! Don’t worry. Insomniac hears you. They’ve already updated and adjusted Spidey’s web slinging speed!!

While at D23, The Game’s Director, Brian Intihar addressed the “issue” with some fans and media in attendance.

Yes, nailing the web swinging is crucial. It’s a requirement. Even since E3 2017 which was a month ago, we’ve already improved our web swinging and it’s easier to gain speed now. Yes, we’ve heard all the feedback online – we listen to you guys, a lot! And we’re constantly looking to improve the game. We want to continue to have that sense of flow, fluidity, no obstacles too big for him to overcome. For traversal but also in the combat, which is evolving every single day. You saw the gadget, the tripwire, right? Well, he can stick it on objects but he can also stick it on enemies and if they are close enough, they’ll just slam into each other. So we want to have a lot of gadgets that will allow him to have fun during combat as well.

Even though Insomniac mentioned after E3 tht things were slowed down a bit to show off all the action, fans weren’t having it!! Even if it didn’t bother me, it’s Brahsome to hear that Insomniac is working to make the game the best it can be!!

Spider-Man PS4 makes the ultimate journey to the PS4 in 2018!