With the Destiny 2 beta starting July 18, Sony decided to drop a surprise for all of us Destiny fans. Introducing the Glacier White Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Bundle!!!

While it’s not as fancy as the original Destiny PS4  limited edition console, I’m sure peeps are looking on eBay, trying to see how much they’ll get for their Black PS4 Pro. 

The bundle comes with 1TB console, controller, Destiny 2, the expansion pass, and “premium digital content”. The price? $449 US/ $549 CAN. Sorry, Canadian Brahs. 

Available on Destiny 2 Day aka September 6, this PS4 Pro aims to ‘freeze’ the competition. Get it? Ok. That joke was terrible. 

Will you be getting this Glacier White Pro? Let us in the comments below, Brah!!