V of War is coming to PlayStation VR! Described as a next gen sci-fi first person shooter where you will get to battle in environments such as snow covered military base, jungle temple and abandoned factory just to name a few in this single and a cross-platform multiplayer co-op. Some of the features that are set to be brought to V of War are:

A VR game in classic FPS style
V-War VR mode brings an immersive next gen experience. Actions such as dodging bullets, crouching behind cover, peeking around corners, climbing mountains and more is now possible using realistic body movements. But in V-war players are not only confined to a small area of movement, thanks to its innovative and easy to use teleportation system. Players are able to move long or short distances quickly by teleporting, or shorter distances by physically walking, allowing for a classic FPS experience.

Single player campaign                                                                                                              You will become the hero through a range of rich sci-fi environments. Playing as multiple characters as the story unfolds, you will need to utilize powerful weapons, vehicles and your surroundings to gain the edge against a dangerous enemy.

Cross-platform Multiplayer and Co-op
V of War brings multiplayer to many innovative experiences. Players will be able to play on both VR and PC with cross-platform support ( more players means more action) in classic modes such as Team Tactical, Conquest, and Death match, also there included to have a co-op campaign and PVE for multiplayer. Join forces with in game bots or with up to 5 friends for fun.

There should be a new mode called Cart Mode. In Cart Mode the attacking team escorts a cart to it’s destination and the defending team has to stop them.

No release date, but it’s coming soon.

But until then…enjoy…