After missing out on the frenzy known as E3, Shenmue III and team are making the journey to Germany for Gamescom 2017, Brah!! 

In the latest Kickstarter update, the team broke the news that we will be seeing NEW GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!! BRAH YEAH!!!

First things first, we would like to express our gratitude for the many comments we received on our previous report. From constructive criticism to kind words of encouragement, we were touched by every single one of your comments. Yu Suzuki and the entire Shenmue III Team are more determined than ever to bring to the Shenmue III that will live up to your expectations.

Gamescom 2017 plans! We will be attending Germany’s mid-August gaming event gamescom 2017! While we are still working out the details with our partners, we plan to show our newest movie clips, share the latest updates and even make some newannouncements.

Title logo change! Yes, Shenmue III has updated its title logo. Taking your comments into consideration, Yu Suzuki and the team gave the title logo another hard look and decided to update the logo with this design.

They also released some new images of various characters!!

Gamescom is coming, Brah!! Are you ready for some SHENMUE III?!!? Because we are!!!!!