There should be a new patch for Arizona Sunshine with patch 1.01 now available.

Here are the version 1.01 patch notes:

A patch required message is now displayed when multiplayer content is started while on an old version of the game.

  • The (TM) character is now readable

  • Localization update for German conform naming conventions

  • The framedrop that occurred when picking up masks has been resolved

  • When accepting an invite of the same session a player is in, the invitation is ignored

  • Network errors are now always displayed when a room is closed or left

  • Zombie targets are now properly updated when a player has left the game

  • When two players press matchmaking at (approximately) the same time, they now join the same room.

  • Changed button text from “Host” to “Play with friends” for all languages.

  • So go ahead and download if it has not automatically installed yet.