Uh oh, is Fumito about to go George Lucas on us?  As you know, Sony announced the remake for the PlayStation masterpiece Shadow of The Colossus during their E3 showcase. Well, it appears Fumito has some of his own ideas to help make this Remake even mo’ special!!

While speaking to Eurogamer at the Gamelabs conference in Barcelona, Fumito explained that yes, he has ideas for changes but he doesn’t know if they’ll be implemented.

I transmitted my petition about the content and tuning but I don’t know the implementation will be what I told.

Those things of the remake that I would like to change, I can’t mention, because if I say one thing and in the final version that thing is not included, it’s a problem.

Look at Mr. Ueda and his forward thinking! Mention what was submitted, then there’s fan outrage and even more bad Sony backlash.

Oh, one last thing. Before we go hoping for the Colossus that were cut from the original game, it ain’t happening.

In this game there are 16 enemies and there’s a story about 16 enemies. So to change this history… I don’t think about changing this history. It’s finished with 16 enemies. It’s OK.

But..that doesn’t mean there can’t be…DLC!!!! 
I kid, I kid. Maybe. Don’t let Sony see this article, ok?

Shadow of The Colossus returns in 2018, with awesome new Remake graphics! Don’t believe me? Watch the reveal trailer!!