Don’t Knock Twice is coming to PlayStation VR this August. Don’t Knock Twice is a first person VR horror game based on a psychologically terrifying Urban Legend. To save her estranged daughter, a guilt-ridden mother must uncover the truth of the demonic witch.

One knock to wake her from her bed, Twice to raise her from the dead.

Being developed with the upcoming movie, Don’t Knock Twice features:

  • Full length intuitive Horror game that can be played with or with out VR.
  • Interact with almost any object and search for hidden clues to reveal the haunting witch.
  • Combine items to escape or fight.
  • Juxtaposing a traditional manor environment with modern technology to guide you.
  • Atmospheric and high quality 3D audio for immersive sound.

Please enjoy the trailer and get ready for Don’t Konck Twice when it comes to PlayStation VR on September 5th…