SPOILERS!!! Upon completion of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto, gamers are rewarded with a short teaser for Episode Ignis, which is the last chapter of the storyline DLC announced thus far. The teaser, which isn’t even a minute long, certainly looks intriguing.. behold:

What?! We gotta wait until DECEMBER to play the damn thing?! There was only a three month gap between Episode Gladio and Prompto!! I mean, games do take time to develop.. perhaps they have something special for us?! Or perhaps by December, we will all have completely forgotten about FFXV

Then again, Square Enix has teased there will be announcements regarding FFXV at Gamescom. One day, ONE DAY.. Final Fantasy XV will be a finished game. One day.

Look for our review of FFXV: Episode Prompto.. Soony.