Heeeeeey!! Look what time it is!!! YOUR MONTHLY FINAL FANTASY XV UPDATE IS LIVE!! Coming in at 8.65GB, she’s a big one. For those us who still enjoy a game or two of FFXV, you might be wondering what else is going to be included when the Prompto storyline DLC releases tomorrow.

  • Final Fantasy XI Composer Naoshi Mizuta worked on the theme for Episode Prompto.
  • It will be released at the end of this month and will include new modes of play like how Episode Gladio did.
  • The “Cup noodle style” for Noctis is included. Allllriiiight.
  • The Regalia type-D has finally arrived! Go off-road with your Bros.!! This should be.. very, very interesting..

Will you be returning to the Final Fanta-Bros. to check this update out?