Ancient Amuletor by Time of VR finally releases on PlayStation VR and that is a very good thing. Some have classified this as a wave shooter or a tower defense type of game and to me, it’s an awesome combination mixed in with a Gauntlet type of play. You have four classes to select from, an Archer, Gunslinger, Mage and Puppet Master. With the two move controllers and you use the Archer, you are shooting arrows as you would a bow and arrow. The Gunslinger gives you a gun in each hand. The Mage has you with a book in one hand as you cast and throw your spells and probably my favorite is the Puppet Master, which allows you to throw your puppet down towards the enemies, as throwing punching allows your puppet to follow your actions.

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Each character will play different and you will have to find the one that fits your style. To get around you teleport to anyone one of the pillars to stop swarms of enemies from attacking. A welcomed addition is the ability to switch between the classes on the fly. For example, Katie the Gunslinger is better for close range while Lia the Archer is better suited for distance. Harry the Mage is for when the groups are small and Park the Puppeteer is for the larger groups of enemies.

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Now even though you do have waves of enemies coming at you in an environment that is very immersive, it’s not your typical wave shooter game and for that, I respect and admire. With enemies coming all around, I am very thankful to be able to teleport to get a different view that you may not find in other shooters and that adds to the experience and seems like a different game every time I played. The move controllers do very well here and there is no Dual Shock 4 controller support and I am kind of glad as I think that might lose some of the immersion that Time Of VR and Ancient Amuletor is going for here.

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As of now, there are only four levels that do include boss battles and I will say that facing a giant sphinx in VR is something that needs to be experienced. Now keep in mind there are talks of DLC that would be added at a later date, but as of now, I am happy to take Ancient Amuletor for what it is. A fun, immersive shooter that with the two Move Controllers gives you the opportunity to escape and defend. But who says you have to go at this alone. You can play co-op with up to three other players on the same arena that not only allows you to take down the enemies but to see who can outdo each other for the MVP of the match and that also is something I very much appreciated for bringing to the table.

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Ancient Amuletor and Time of VR succeed here by not following the pack, but instead of setting a boundary of having fun, being immersive, very enjoyable atmosphere, and competitive. Ancient Amuletor should honestly be part of your PlayStation VR arsenal.

A review copy was provided. Ancient Amuletor comes out on June 27th on the PSN Store for $19.99 and will update once it is live, but to get that taste that will have you wanting more, please try the demo that is available now. To learn more about Time of Vr and to see what amazing things they will come up with next, please follow them @TimeofVR.

In case you missed the trailer…enjoy…until  next time, I have to see if I can play this on the hardest setting, but may need to play some more co-op and see who I can beat.