Dying: Reborn from the great people over at Oasis Games has come to the PlayStation VR and for one I am glad. In Dying: Reborn you play as a detective who is trying to piece together what is going on. A Clue type of sorts if you will. Mixed with a very immersive feel along with impressive visuals. When I played I did not go in thinking this would be another type of the same game as well as it shouldn’t, but it’s own life to be experienced.

When you first get going in Dying: Reborn you start in a room that allows you three different sessions, Awakening Time, Get Locked Up and The Corrupted Land. In Awakening, you’re in this room where you must discover a way out. With Saw-like puzzles and even taking a page out of MYST with the piano and playing the correct notes in order. Will you find the right combination to escape?

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In Get Locked up, you are in a hallway trying to enter a door that leads to others and is much bigger than Awakening. With puzzles that will have you scratching your head on some as you turn dials to trying to connect a radio. Each room seems to have more questions than answers and yet seem to fulfill that empty void of lack of brain power that we need just to make us think.

In The Corrupted Land, you are in a kitchen where each clue and sound leads you closer to a celebration of sorts. You must search each drawer, each cabinet, even the microwave could possibly help you understand or maybe not understand what is going on.

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I honestly appreciate what Oasis Games was going for here. Games like Myst and The 7th Guest are timeless classics that are the pedestal of some of the best puzzle games and when taking a chance with a game like Dying: Reborn, I honestly felt the homage that is being represented as well as taking its own spin of the puzzle genre.

A review copy was provided and with that said, would I go out and buy Dying: Reborn the PSVR version? No, unless all you want is the PlayStation VR experience. The reason is the PSVR version is only three levels in VR and once you beat it, you are thrown back into the main menu with more questions.

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Dying: Reborn comes in four different flavors. The PS4 version for $19.99, the PSVR version, for $9.99, the Vita version for $14.99 and the Ultimate Bundle version for $24.99 that includes the PS4, PSVR, and Vita versions. Dying: Reborn deserves the attention if for nothing else than just the experience for what Oasis Games went for here. In case you missed it, here is the trailer…until next time, I am going to get the full package for this one.