Nex Machina is an arcade twin stick top down shooter from Housemarque who brought you such great titles as Resogun, Dead Nation and Alien Nation. The game is a modern take of Robotron 2084 or you can also call it a spiritual successor, as it was a collaborated project between Housemarque & Eugene Jarvis who was the original creator of Robotron. It’s colourful, it’s vibrant & it’s explosive. The graphics in this game are stunning as it provides a clean presentation. The game is also PS4 pro enhanced & it runs at a blistering 60fps across the board.


The story is brief but straight to the point, you play as a hero that’s trying to save what’s left of humanity during the skynet style apocalypse, The story is pretty much told during gameplay. the game has 5 worlds you can play through, the gameplay is fluid and smooth. It’s also fast pace & intense, plus it’s challenging even on the easiest difficulty, once you play on a higher difficulty you get more AI on screen & they become far more aggressive, you can get through the arcade mode on a higher difficulty level depending on your skill and strategy. You can also dash to avoid enemy attacks. The game can be a little punishing when you get 1 hit deaths from an enemy bullet or if you run in to them, once you die you have to restart the entire section.

The game has a variety of weapons including a laser beam gun & a sword for mele combat. Your main objective is destroy certain enemies & move on to the next section, you also get secondary objectives where destroy bacons & save humans. The boss fights can be tricky but once you get use to the speed & pattern you should be able to beat them.


The weapons have great sound plus techno style soundtrack is amazing & it suits the sci-fi tone of the game. The game took me just over an hour to beat but there’s still other modes you can play like arena where you get high scores & collect medals or you can replay all 5 worlds. The game has couch co op but unfortunately it doesn’t have online co op where you can play online with your friends. If you want a game that’ll test you then Nex Machina will definitely be a great addition to your games library.