That post-E3 interview that Shawn Layden did with The Telegraph is the gift that keeps on giving!! While I originally focused on the fact that Shawn has played Death Stranding, I totally missed the expectations Sony has for Spider-Man!!
Shawn discussed how Sony plans to achieve the 100 million goal for the PS4… his answer?PlayLink and.. Spider-Man!!

Our European studios are working on some more social type of games [PlayLink] which has great potential, particularly in Europe where those type of games tend to do well. But for us in the US I think the biggest chance we have to broaden that pie is with a game like Spider-man

Spider-man is probably the best known comic book character in the world and we can take that title – and the way that Insomniac has hit it out the park in realising that character in a way that finally Spider-man plays like you want him to play – I think we can bring people into gaming who may not be there yet through the power of that kind of character

Yo Spidey! I bet you didn’t know you had the weight of the PlayStation Nation on your shoulders, eh? Never forget, a PlayStation Pony once said, “with great PS4 exclusivity comes super high expectsctions so we can use it against the Xbots, bro!”?? Joking aside, Spider-Man most certainly has the mainstream appeal to grab casual gamers’ attention. Plus you throw-in Insomniac Games’ track record and BOOM. Mega-hit!

Don’t believe me? Watch the E3 2017 trailer and tell me you’re not impressed, Brah!