Once there was a game that some of you may remember called Paper Boy. Your goal was to deliver as many newspapers to your customers while avoiding dogs, bees, vehicles and whatever else was thrown at you. In Special Delivery from Meerkat Gaming, that same premise and frustration is brought to you in PlayStation VR and that really is not a bad thing!

Once you start Special Delivery you are inside your room where you are given some options as you can start a new game or continue, a tutorial or even change the volume or controls. Once you hit controls, you can then change the ease of turning with the newest update and this is a welcome touch.

The tutorial is what I would suggest, not to get used to the game, but to get the right setting for the ease of your bike turns along with the PlayStation VR as each person is different and you want to get it right for you. Within the tutorial, you will be shown how to break with the L1 or R1, throw your papers, and how to replenish by riding over the new stack of newspapers that you can see glowing in a distance.

As you start your game, your customers are labeled by the blue mailboxes and non-customers are by the red mailboxes. Along your way you will have to watch out for vehicles that come at you and when you cross a street as they zoom by with no intentions of stopping. Who knows, maybe they’re angry for not receiving their papers and are out to get you, but either way just watch out. During your route, you will see fire hydrants that you can throw papers at, to dogs, to innocent people standing or dancing.  But be warned, if you hit them with a paper and they fall on top of you, you have no one to blame but yourself and honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. Tornadoes with cars twirl at you, dogs are barking and coming at you and all you are trying to do is deliver papers and gain customers. But I did not mention, beware of the evil garden gnomes. You can use the Dual Shock 4 if you desire, but the real joy is the Aim Controller. Yes, you can use the Aim Controller aka the Delivery Master 2000 and boy does it deliver! To reload your gun, you simply put it in the basket and your ready to spread the newspaper love.

Image result for special delivery aim controller gun

When you play Special Delivery, you might think that the graphics are not good with its simplistic box-like trees or the buildings that just seem to be there, but it doesn’t need to be the graphic game to win here. The residents on your route provide the life that it needs along with the newspapers that you will be delivering. After playing I came away with the same thoughts as to when I played Paper Boy long ago, the innocence that was once the main focal point and I am glad to see it return. There is nothing like a spinning cow in a tornado to give you that Twister scene or throwing a paper at a break dancing Elvis and yet you still want and need to get that paper delivered. The game is all in VR and it adds to the list of another game that has Aim Controller support as well as VirZOOM support.

You can get Special Delivery now through the PSN Store.

Make sure you follow Meerkat Gaming @MeerkatGaming to see what new designs that may bring us next. In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have to go throw more papers at everyone…I mean deliver more papers to everyone.