UPDATE 2: Activision confirmed it — FOUR DAYS BEFORE RELEASE, that COD: MWR hits next Tuesday for $39.99. So there you go, Brah. Enjoy this release trailer.

UPDATE: Even though this was completely absent from E3 last week, Wal-Mart apparently has copies of COD: MWR ready to sell! I mean.. look at these images below. What more proof do you need?

There you go. The game that would NEVER be available to buy standalone, will soon be available to buy alone. Funny how that works..

Thanks to Charlie Intel for the info!

ORIGINAL STORY: Thank the Call of Duty maker!! When Activision announced Modern Warfare Remastered, gaming fans rejoiced. When they clarified that you had to buy the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare to obtain it, fan’s reactions quickly turned sour. If you’ve been holding out in hopes that it would release separately, BOY DOES GAMEFLY HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!!! 

In a listing that has since been removed, The Brahs over at Gamefly posted the standalone game for both the PS4 and Xbox 1. The release is for June 20 for PS4 owners, yet a whole month later for XB1. Interesting. Perhaps the early access extends to the physical edition of the game, too.

Seeing as how Modern Warfare is my favorite COD title, I’m so there, Brah!! How about you?