With Sony revealing that Horizon Zero Dawn had moved over 3.4 MILLION copies since launch, it was only time before Guerrilla Games would release some new updated player stats and they did so via an email!

Holy Aloy! Look at these numbers, Brah!!

  • Aloy has destroyed over 545,000,000 watchers!
  • Over 1,285,000,000 of those annoying bandits have been put to rest.
  • Aloy has died over 185,000,000 times..damn. 
  • More than 285,000,000 fire arrows have been crafted. 
  • The toughest non-boss machine in the game?? The corrupted Sawtooth. Really?! Those corrupted Rockbreakers were a pain my Aloy’s ass!!
  • Some guy or girl has picked up over 12,000 rocks. If this is you.. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY, BRAH!!

With the “Days of Play” lowering the price of HZD to $39.99, plus the holidays coming up fast, these stats will only continue to climb higher for one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives around.