I will say this, E3 2017 has been very strong for VR and in particular PlayStation VR. Another game that will be coming out this Fall is Preta: Vendetta Rising for the PlayStation VR. This Action RPG will be cross-platform with Rift and Vive AND will be up to 4 players. The Setting? There’s a deathly epidemic that destroyed a once peaceful home land and the survivors must join forces and protect themselves against all danger to restore your home land.


  • Cross-play support for VR & Non-VR platforms on PS4, Steam, and the Oculus Store.
  • 50+ hours of single player campaign gameplay.
  • Fully customizable skills and tech trees.
  • Crafting system that allows the creation of unique weapons and items.
  • A campanion system where you raise and customize your own pets to fight along your side.
  • Co-op multiplayer raids that allow 3 fellow hunters to fight against EPIC bosses.
  • Co0op campaigns to challenge the most impossible campaigns together with a friend.
  • An auction house system to sell, buy, and trade your items in real-time Multiple point of views.
  • Interactive movies for each character.

Character Class:



The warrior is an expert in close range battle wielding slow but deadly two-handed weapons.  He stands first to make himself the highest-priority target, thereby diverting enemy attacks away from allies.



Only the chosen few are born to control arcane energy and grow up to be the mage. Despite of weak physical ability, the mage excels at dealing massive damage and neutralizing enemies from afar.



The assassin is a specially trained melee class with various acrobatic attack skills that can inflict burst damage on the enemy. Mid-range chainsword and light armor makes her the fastest combatant.

With more than 50 hours of campaign that will support both VR and non-VR, a system where you can craft, raids with your online friends, and so much more. Should be coming out this fall.

Until then…enjoy!