Critically acclaimed PS2 JRPG Listed on the UK PSN Store!

New details have surfaced with a placeholder on the Playstation Store for the PS2 game, Persona 3: FES. The game seems it will come to the PS4, sometime in the near future in the form of PS2 to PS4 games lineup. Evidence comes in the form of screenshots provided by @PressAToPlayYT on the UK Store.

He would later post PS4 screenshots of the game in the store page with further evidence that it’s viewable via the UK PS4 store page.


So far, no details have surfaced on the Sony’s or Atlus’ behalf nor is it viewable on the Playstation Store on the Desktop from US, EU and UK, only on the PS4 UK Store.

Is this further proof that Sony’s planning on porting more PS2 games on the PS4?

Probably, though there’s many things that don’t make it seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon. For example, the game is listed as a PS3 game on the PS4 Store page, not as a PS4 game. If you look at the PS2 library on the PS4, you can see that the PS2 games are listed as PS4, not PS3 games. Additionally, besides the game being listed as a PS2 classics, there’s no mention on it in the list of PS2 games on the UK store page, and can only be selected from the PS2 header on the PS4 UK Store.  In any case, as the game is still listed on the PS4 UK Store, we may hear more details from Sony about the game coming alongside a new batch of PS2 games for the PS4 console sometime in the near future.



Author’s Thoughts

As a fan of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona games and PS2 games, I’m excited to see more PS2 classics being pushed by Sony on the PS4. More people are getting a PS4, and not many have played the previous Persona games after Persona 5’s debut earlier this year. With Atlus planning on making the previous games accessible to newcomers that couldn’t play it on the PS3 or on the PS2, can now do so if the Persona 3 becomes listed as playable on the PS4.   Personally, I’m glad they’re going all in on the system, and with a fresh batch of PS2 games will surely make any fan of the system jump for joy. Now can we also get Katamari Damacy on the PS4? Seems like a waste of potential, and money. COME ON SONY AND NAMCO! Special Thanks to Harry Morgan or @PressAToPlayYT for shedding this piece of info to light!