Well it was just a matter of time before not only games, but movies and tv shows would be viewed in VR. Right now on Playstation VR you can enjoy YouTube 360 VR, you can sit on a beach and watch Hulu in VR. 

So in collaboration with PlayStation VR, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is coming. The story goes in the upcoming Kamen Rider Ex-Aid the movie: True Ending, Emu will gain The Mighty Creator VRX Gashat to transform into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid VRX Creator Gamer. Ex-Aid will be able to create his own weapons such as swords and missiles. It sounds strange, but bring on the VR movies. Not sure yet if this will be a wide theatrical release or just reserved for PlayStation VR. The release date is August 5th!  let’s hope this comes to all regions.