Wow. E3 did not disappoint! Star Child was announced for PlayStation VR and just by the looks of it, with the art style, and the sci-fi side scrolling, plus that awesome boss battle, this will be looking pretty good in VR. Nothing else is really known at this point, but as soon as there is more information, you know where to find it.

*** Update ***

Well it looks like Paris Game Week did not disappoint either as Star Child had it’s shining of glory and it looks like we have more information. A woman named Spectra along with her companion are on an alien planet with what seem to have a mission of importance. When things don’t go as planned (You didn’t think they would, now did you?), Spectra is able to control the world around her, which is pretty awesome, she is able to fight back at whatever presence of destructive force is trying to take over.  We will be able to find out more when Star Child comes to PlayStation VR in 2018.

But until then…please enjoy the E3 and PGW 2017 trailers…