After Amazon leaked the listing for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT this morning, Square Enix quickly made it officially official. The hit arcade game from Square Enix/ Koei Tecmo/ Team Ninja is coming exclusively to the PS4 in early 2018!

Featuring over 20 Heroes and Villains from all 15 Final Fantasy titles, DFFNT features 3 vs. 3 battles of epic proportions. Don’t believe me?? Watch the reveal trailer and tell me that it doesn’t look Brahtastic!!

A few bits of information from the Japanese livestream.

  • No cross-play between arcade and console modes. Updates will still hit the arcade mode first, than the console version.
  • You’ll have the option for private battles between you and your friends.
  • There isn’t a “story mode” like past games. Perhaps later on in some form of DLC?
  • The team is also working on another type of battle system to go along with the 3 vs. 3 style.

Here’s a snazzy image of all the selectable characters and stages the game will feature upon release.

Final Fantasy fans, will you be joining this battle in 2018?!?