Some said it would not sell. Some said it would have no games. Some even said it’s just a gimmick. Well I can tell you that is not a gimmick, that it does have the games, and it has sold. What am I talking about? Sony has sold over one million PlayStation VR headsets. Even though this does not touch the actual PlayStation 4 numbers, PlayStation VR is the most popular VR headset that is not powered by a smart phone nor needing a $1000+ pc to run.

When it was sold last October, I heard many who said don’t buy it or wait for version 2. But I asked myself why? Why miss out on some of the next level epic greatness that has come around in a long time. Sure every experience or game isn’t going to be a system seller. But that is the beauty of it. In VR you are in that world. If you are in space you are on that ship. You lose time and maybe a sense of reality. And for some that is a very good thing. But for now it’s a very good start on a very good piece of hardware. There is always improvements or enhancements that can be made, but over a million in sales, congratulations, Sony!

Why is this important some may wonder? It gives PlayStation a chance for games like Farpoint and the Aim Controller to come (and if you have not tried the Aim Controller, you are missing out). It gives the developers and publishers to see that there is an audience to bring their product to PlayStation VR. We are already seeing that with games like Syndrome and Arizona Sunshine are being brought over to PlayStation VR.

With that being said, keep enjoying, keep playing and for those new to PlayStation VR, get ready for the next level.