HEY! THAT WAS A JOKE!! So before you start blasting The Brah, know that I’m only joking. I went to London 7 years ago and freagin’ loved it. Plus I would love to see even more of Europe! Now to your God of War news.

While the God of War reboot blew my mind last E3, not everyone was happy with the change in direction. Some fans still prefer the hack and slash everything in your path, do some crazy puzzles, repeat formula of past games. That’s perfectly ok if you do! So why the change then??

One of the main reasons, it seems, for such a major shift in the series gameplay mechanics from H-n-S to a more narrative exerpeince, is to appeal more to our fellow European Brahs! PlayStation Europe Boss Jim Ryan talked with Glixel about how historically the series has never done well overseas and how this new take might help.

It’s a franchise that has historically acutely underperformed in Europe. Hack and slash games tend to not do so well in Europe, so the narrative this time around will make a big difference. European gamers love narrative games. And Singstar

Really? I kind of figured gamers might have been a bit tired of the original God of War formula after six games of the same thing over and over. But eh, what do I know??
Oh, I know that the newest God of War looks brahsome and that we will get another look at it during E3 2017!! YAAASSSSSS!!!

June 12, Brah. Sony’s E3 showcase. BRING IT!!!