Yes it’s true. Starting June 7th, any GameStop credit you may have , you can use on So that means go in to your local GameStop and if you want to trade some items in, you don’t have to use your in-store credit in the store…You may now use it on Amazon. Which means that if you are a prime member and looking to get that new game that is already discounted, your GameStop credit will help you even more.

But why is GameStop patterning up with Amazon? Well for one it will help with the in-store traffic and the trade numbers that each store needs to meet and it can help you save even more. So starting June 7th, 2017 you should start seeing GameStop’s logo on Amazon’s site.

Hmmm right before E3. Now all GameStop needs to do now is price match local stores along with Amazon and who knows, they may see even more business.